Best Stocks To Buy For 2013: Promising

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Every month or so, Keith Fitz-Gerald, Shah Gilani or a few of the other editors here at Money Map Press will wonder aloud if the big Wall Street investment banks have secreted a bunch of listening-device “bugs” in our offices or on our phones. They haven’t, of course. And our comments were made in jest – and meant only as a joke. But the coincidences that prompt these surveillance-by-Big-Brother quips can be quite remarkable. Let me share a brand-new story that shows you what I mean…. In a prior Private Briefing, we recommended the “Ultimate MacGyver Stock” – a promising “Miracle Materials” profit play called U.S. Silica Holdings Inc. (NYSE: SLCA). When the stock market opened a few hours later, U.S. Silica shares skyrocketed as much as 4.9% after Wells Fargo & Co. (NYSE: WFC) analyst Matthew D. Conlan upgraded the stock from “Market Perform” to “Outperform.” I’m sharing this … Continue reading

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Stocks crept higher once again today as investors reacted to promising jobs data and the European Central Bank’s decision to hold interest rates steady. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJINDICES: ^DJI  ) finished up 62 points, or 0.4%, while theS&P 500 set another record at 1,877, gaining 0.2%. Investors were encouraged by a drop in initial unemployment claims, which fell to 323,000 from 349,000, and beat estimates of 338,000. The numbers were particularly heartening with the official February jobs report coming out tomorrow morning from the Department of Labor. Analysts expect the report to say 163,000 jobs were added last month, though poor weather could have affected job growth. Meanwhile, the European Central Bank kept its benchmark interest rate at 0.25%, as investors had widely expected, and President Mario Draghi said the European recovery was on track, adding that recent news has been “by and large on the positive side.” Best … Continue reading

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The prospect of a greener and more sustainable energy industry has been the dream of many a modern energy executive, including your correspondent, who has spent more than a decade analyzing green energy policies, business and development initiatives for investors, energy utilities and consulting clients. Today, much like 10 years ago, there is a lot of talk about utility disruption and green revolutions, and it might be easy for investors to get caught up in the hyperbole, the sky-high stock valuations, and the heady promise of an investment that can possibly save the world. It is my hope, with this column, to help investors keep their heads and their wallets when evaluating such investments, by advocating a no-nonsense, analytical investment approach that demands results. This would seem intuitive, but too often investors have been swayed by the story to only find that a company’s prospects were pure fiction, time and … Continue reading

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In a macro view, the Construction & Engineering industry includes companies that design, manufacture and install products for the residential & commercial construction and automotive markets. The industry is characterized by its cyclicality to the U.S. economy. I think the level of new construction or the sales of existing houses will remain favorable, so we are expecting a positive outlook for the sub-industry. With this promising outlook, let’s take a look at Gabelli麓s last trade and try to explain to investors the reasons of this appealing investment opportunity. On Dec. 9, Mario Gabelli added Layne Christensen Company (LAYN). Layne is a water management, construction and drilling company. The company has five segments: Water Resources Division, Inliner Division, Heavy Civil Division, Geoconstruction Division and Mineral Exploration Division. Key Business In May 2013, the firm announced the launch of the water transfer business within the Layne En ergy Services Division. Layne is … Continue reading

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Last year, the Argentinean government nationalized 51% of YPF (YPF) from Madrid based Repsol (REPYY), which still holds a 12.4% stake in Argentina’s biggest oil and gas company. When the nationalization happened, Argentina’s government argued that the Spanish group had not been investing enough in the country. Hence, the lack of investments had left Argentina without its very much appreciated external surplus in oil and gas. Even when its true that YPF’s Capex investments were kept at a minimum level from 2003 to 2011, its also true that low Capex was a direct result of Argentina’s (very) poor and unsustainable energy policies. After the nationalization happened, no compensation had been awarded to Repsol until now. As a result, the Spanish oil company had started international legal actions against Argentina. Miguel Galuccio, YPF’s new CEO – who is the best CEO the company has had since Jose Estenssoro died in 1995 … Continue reading